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Personal Loans For Wherever You Are in Life.

Borrow up to €200,000 with no collateral. Whether you have an upcoming wedding, a big vacation, or you're consolidating debt, our Personal Loans have you covered!

No Collateral Needed

Wherever you are going, no matter your Personal Loan needs, borrow the money you need without collateral! Apply Now

Flexible Terms and Rates

Lock in your low, fixed Personal Loan rate and choose the term that works for you from 3 to 300 months! Apply Now

Manage Your Credit With Confidence

Our competitive rates and full transparency give you the peace of mind you need to manage your credit with confidence Apply Now

Consolidate Your Debt With A Personal Loan.

Overwhelmed with credit card debt or other high loan payments? Our low Personal Loan rates can help you get out of debt faster and save money on interest. Consolidate your existing debt into one simple payment today!

Personal Loan Perks.

Personal Loans are all about you. Planning a big event or a big trip? Or maybe you need to consolidate debt. Wherever you are in your financial journey, create your loan your way!

How To Get A Personal Loan - It's Easy!

We keep our loan process simple and convenient. Getting the funds you need for your next big expense has never been easier! Follow the steps below to get your Personal Loan from Finex Credit Union. Use our calculator to find the payment that fits your budget.

Calculate your ideal loan payment.
Apply online for your Personal Loan.
Close your loan remotely by email.
Start spending your money.

What Is A Personal Loan?

Personal Loans, also known as unsecured loans or signature loans, are a type of loan that doesn’t require any collateral (such as a house or car). Because no collateral is involved, Personal Loans have one of the fastest application processes and quick loan approvals.

Personal Loans feature many benefits including a fixed monthly payment schedule, flexible terms, and a payment that fits your budget.


Advantages of the Personal Loan

Complete Your Projects Without Waiting
Quickly obtain the funds needed to bring your personal projects to life, whether it’s a vacation, renovations, or any other goal.

A Transparent Financial Relationship
Enjoy full transparency on loan conditions. No hidden fees, just open collaboration for a healthy financial relationship.

Flexibility for Your Personal Success
Personalize the repayment terms so that your Personal Loan adapts to your financial situation and not the other way around.

Quick Access to Funds
Quickly obtain the funds needed to carry out your personal projects. Our application process is simple and efficient. Apply now.

Competitive Rates and Total Clarity
Benefit from competitive interest rates and full transparency on loan terms. At CREDIPEX, we believe in an honest financial relationship. Apply now.

Personalize Your Reimbursement Terms
Adapt your reimbursement to your financial reality with flexible terms. Our Personal Loan is designed to align with your needs. Apply now.